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April 22, 2009

Impressive jQuery

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I am a relative newbie to javascript despite that I have spent a lot of time promoting its use in learning activities over the last couple months. I have read some tutorials before but this week I decided to dive into one of the popular javascript frameworks on the advice of my colleague Ties. I have embarked on learning jQuery on the advice of my childhood friend Christopher Marin. So far, color me impressed!

I really like the concept of Unobtrusive Javascript which is one of the core tenets of jQuery. In essence, you shouldn’t mix your markup with your javascript. This really reflects how we want to create learning activities at OLE Nepal. Our graphic designers can work on the markup w/out having to worry about messing up the javascript. vice versa for our programmers.

I am reading jQuery in Action and I really love how the book interacts with the code samples. It is quite well written and let’s you play w/ jQuery’s different features.

I also like that jQuery doesn’t look like typical OO code.

$(‘*’).attr(‘title’,function(index) {
return ‘I am element ‘ + index + ‘ and my name is ‘ +
( ? : ‘unset’);

Looks a little bit like scheme but with fewer parentheses.

I fall in and out of love with software tools all too easily so who knows if jQuery and I will really bond. We shall see!

Right now I am just using emacs with javascrpt mode. Felipe likes Aptana Studio, which probably has advantages over crufty old emacs but I will stick w/ trusty old emacs for the moment.


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  1. This video and its associated book are very nice too.

    Comment by Lucian — April 22, 2009 @ 5:05 pm

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