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April 23, 2009

Karma Timeline

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After doing some changes suggested by Bryan here is the *current* timeline for the project.

The plan is:

Code -> Fail -> Plan a little on the biggest problems -> Code -> Fail better -> . . . -> and finally, a workable solution

The idea is to take advantage of the open-source community surrounding html5 + js in order to get feedback, help, suggestions and everything that can contribute to the project.

Before GSoc – May 22:
* get familiar with Sugar
* get familiar with html5
* learn more about java script
* select the appropriate js framework

May 23 – June 5:
“Karming” some simple OLE nepal activity w/out fs access, dbus, i8n

June 6:
Publish a blog post with the karmified activity. The report must include the problems I found, the ideas on how to solve those problems and timeline for rest of project. This post may elicit responses w/ solutions to important problems.

June 7 – June 12:
Developing the first Karma widget (easy animation tool, boost animation tool from the selected js framework)
Getting familiar with Sugar/Browse code

June 13 – July 12:
Providing Karma + audio
Providing Karma + client-side i18n
Developing an activity template for Karma
Changing the original activity to include above features

July 13:
Publish blog post that showcases updated activity. Explain problems encountered, what works, what still doesn’t.

July 15 – July 25:
Fixing bugs
Work on gears+karma support

July 26 – July 31:
Documenting examples
Improving documentation

August 1 – August 9: time for any eventual emergencies

what do you think?, your ideas are appreciated.



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