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November 10, 2009

HTML5 + JavaScript + SVG === Mustang!

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On an number of occasions recently I have found myself engaged in adjectival acrobatics when trying to describe the technologies I am using for Karma. “html5cssjavascriptcanvas”, “openweb stack”, “openweb technologies”, “web technologies”, “W3C stack”,”Ajax plus a lot more”, etc. None of these really describe well what many of us are trying to do. And what are we trying to do? We are trying to develop rich applications using javascript, html 5, css3, and optionally SVG. These applications may run only online, with intermittent web access, or entirely offline on desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, netbooks. These apps run on Windows XP/ME/7, Android, linux, OS X, etc..

AJAX does not describe what we are trying to do. AJAX simply referred to applications that ran in your browser but felt like desktop
applications. AJAX can include proprietary technologies and assumes you are always online. I feel that the term “openweb” helps describe what we are trying to do but does not summarize it.
Mustang -- supercharge your App

Friends and adversaries, we are developing Mustang applications. Why Mustang? Because the Mustang horse and robust animal that can live anywhere it pleases, from the highest mountains to hottest plains. And it can get there fast.

Our Mustang applications are like their equine cousins in that they can live anywhere, desktops, inside the browser, on kiosks,
smartphones, etc. And they move fast, both in developer time and run-time. We use JIT-compiled javascript to run our apps at speeds
that make our C-coding grandparents proud. We use cutting edge toolkits like sproutcore, cappuccino, Atlas, Ample SDK, jQuery UI,
Titanium, and others.

We don’t need Flash because we have SVG, html5 canvas and audio, and processing.js.Proprietary run-times would only slow us down. Adobe may have AIR and Microsoft Silverlight, but chromium, mozilla, and titaniumget better and better as desktop platforms.

What do you call people who write Mustang apps? Well, “riders,” “rustlers,” or “cowboys/cowgirls” come to mind. Dion and Ben, I suggest you name your next openweb conference a “Roundup” rather than experience.

Ride 'em high

Mustang, baby, Mustang.

P.S. I am also calling this technology stack Mustang for a purely personal reason. I currently live and work in Kathmandu, Nepal and it is my convention to name the software I am working on (like Karma) after the place I am
living. Mustang happens to be an incredibly beautiful and mystical part of Nepal.

P.P.S. to the Karma fans out there, while Mustang apps will run everywhere, Karma development is still focused on linux and Sugar.


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